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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kunch jaruri totke

Rojana so ke uthney par apni hateli ko dekhey aur teen bar chumey. Issey aap ke bhagya mein vridhi hogi aur kismat badlni shuru ho jayegi. Aap ki janam kundli ke anusar totake ke liye sampark karein:

Pitr Dosh remedy

Roj peepal mein jal chadaye ,vishnu bhagwan ki puja karey ,dan swaroop ghar mein maujud logo se paise ley aur mandir mein chadaye. inn mamuli bataon se pitr dosh kafi had tak samapt ho jata hai. Kundli analysis ke liye sampark karein :

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Astro tip for success in business

For success in business light mustard oil lamp ,every saturday during night under peepal tree.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wealth tip

Light mustard oil lamp in south-west corner daily will provide you earning opportunities and also will provide happiness in family.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

lal kitab remedies for attracting money,wealth,success

  • In case, where one fails to gain fruits out of honest and determined efforts, then one should drop a coconut (Shri fal) in flowing water. Before doing so, write the Beej Mantra of Goddess Laxmi of ‘Shri’ over it. It should be commenced on the day of Dipawali, and should be performed daily for a period of at least 44 days on a stretch.
  • In case, where one is suffering from dearth of money because of any house related fault, then one should drop a square shaped copper in the flowing water. It should be performed daily for a period of at least 40 days on a stretch.
  • In case, where one fails to secure profits and income in business even after honesty, determination, and hard work, then one should perform a special Lal Kitab remedy on the day of Dipawali. According to it, one should take seven betel nuts, wrap them up with silver foil, and should place it at the place of Laxmi Poojan. It should be performed for seven subsequent Mondays. On the following eight Monday, one should collect all the offered betel nuts from the place of worship, and then should offer them in any Vishnu temple. This remedy is equally effective for those suffering constant business losses.
  • In case, where one is a part of a business which requires serious money lending and credit related activities, which is not cultivating adequate profits, then one should bury black surma (eye powder) at any deserted place on the first Saturday of any month.
  • In case, if one repeatedly finds oneself in a state of dearth of money at crucial moments of requirement, one should distribute poori and sabzi for eleven consecutive Saturdays. It should be commenced on the first Saturday of the Shukla Paksha.
  • In case, if one is not able to gain desired amount of income from business or profession, then one should flow an empty pitcher in the flowing water for six consecutive Wednesdays.
  • In case, where one is in a temporary state of earning or has an impermanent business, Lal Kitab suggests a remedy. According to it, one should place an iron pot filled with water on the head side of the bed at the time of sleeping. Next morning, it should be thrown out of the house.
  • In case, you find authority regulations to be too severe and adverse for your business growth and environment, one should prepare rotis (chapattis) out of the wheat of the quantity of one and quarter kilograms, and then should feed them to cow. It should be performed on the day of Sunday.
  • To stabilize money in your life, keep any iron made object under your sleeping bed. On Saturday night, place an iron pot filled with water under your bed. Next morning, stream that water at the root of the Bodhi tree. It should be performed for at least 40 days on a stretch.

It is necessary to consult Lal kitab astrologer before performing any remedy.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

free lal kitab remedies

1.Showing respect and inner love to elderly people to Jupiter strong, thus endowing you with Gyana, Dhana, Bhagya, Gurutva, etc
2.By respecting your dad you can strengthen your Sun position, symbolic as the success in life
3.Wearing gold and saffron bindi on forehead for an all round success
4.Eating near kitchen and avoid eating on bed to reduce Rahu effect
5.Make your home neat and clean and dispose all the old unnecessary articles to reduce the bad effect of Rahu.
6.Feeding cows to have good marital life and crows and fish to strengthen mother’s health and monkeys to be wealthy
7.Loving stray dogs to concrete your Ketu, known for male child and luxury

for personal lal kitab kundli analysis email:
Fees: Rs.250 only

remedies for malefic ketu

if ketu is malefic then donate lemon on saturday.
the best remedy is to donate mustard oil on saturday.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Santan prapti mala ,for child birth

Santan prapti ke kai upaye hamare vedo mein likhey gaye hai,isimey se ek hai santan prapti mala jise pehney se un dampati ko fayda hota hai jo santan prapti ke liye pareshan hai.Iss mala ko wo bhi dharan kar saktey hai ,jin logon ki santan janam ke baad hi mar (mrityu) ho jati hai.

Price: Rs. 1100 only (free delivery within India )

santan prapti mala ke dwara apney dukh door karey !!!

kharidney ke liye email karey:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why gems are very suitable remedies in the present time ?

As we are advancing in the technological field, our life is becoming more mechanical and busy. Very few have the time to chant mantras with the proper method or concentration. Even other remedies like fasting and worshipping may not suit many people's routines. But one can certainly ( without much efforts ) wear an ornament studded with gems for personal benefits. Gems keep affecting you without your knowledge while they are constantly touching your skin.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Don't take free astrology consultation !!!

who will give free astro consultation,jytish/astrologer who don't have knowledge of astrology .Just they will tell you some remedies and gemstone with the help of software and that's all.Plz do not take advice from these type of astrologers as they are practicing and having half knowledge of astrology.

At ganpati jyotish kendra our astrologers take atleast 1 hour to read your chart from different methods like vedic astro,lal kitab kundli, numero expert and doshas expert .
So that you should receive genuine advice which can change your life in a positive way.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Small remedy to increase your business and wealth ,attract money

lakshmi ji ko khush karney ka ek saral upay de raha haun.
kacha soot lel le .Friday ko ek katori mein kesar pani mein bhigo de aur usmey kacha soot bhi bhigo de ,karib 1 ghantey bad soot nikal le aur OM SHREEM LAKSHMAIN NAMAH ka jap kartey hue ismei gyarah ganth bandh le.
iss soot ko apney business ,office ke darwajey par bandh de ya phir ghar mein tijoti mein rakh de.

laksmi ji ki kripa banegi.

Jyotisacharya ji se sampark karey aur apney bhagya ko badley !!!

email karey : fees : only rs. 250

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Kanakdhara yantra -for wealth ,money ,fulfillment of all desires

kanakdhara ke barey mein jitna likha jaye wo kam hai ,kanakdhara yantra matra akela aisa yantra hai jisme lakshmi ko vash mein karney ki atoot shakti hai.
kanakdhara yantra guru gorakhnath ji ki khoj thi.

aisa mana jata hai ki guru biksha mangney ke liye gai they,ek ghar mein garib aurat thi jisney guru ko apni garib honey ki bat kahi aur matr ghar mein aanwla hai ,keh kar guru ko aanwla de diya.
guru gorakhnath ne usi samay iss garib ki daridrta door karney ke liye kanakdhara strotra ka gungan kiya aur lakshmi ko uss garib aurat par lakshmi ki kripa turant karney ke liye kaha,tab se lekar aajtak kanakdhara strotra aur yantra ka upyog lakshmi prapti ke liye kara ja raha hai.

aapke pichley janam ke pap bhi iss yantra ke pujan ke bad dhul jaatey hai.

kanakdhara yantra kewal bhojpatra par bana hua hona chaiye aur siddh bhi ,tabhi apna kam dikhata hai.

kanakdhara yantra ka nirman kewal bhojpatra par hona chaiye aur vo bhi nishit samay par aur subh kal mein .

agar aap bhi kanakdhara yantra ko kharidna chahtey ye to iski dakshina hogi matr 1500 Rs.

aap apna order hamey iss email par bhejey

india se bahar bhejney ki bhi suvidha hai.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gemstone: Software generated reports and recommendations about gemstone can best be summed up as trash

Software generated reports and recommendations about gemstone can best be summed up as trash. We have reviewed all major software's in the market today. Most of these software's recommend the gemstones of the 1st, 5th, and the 9th houses( The triangle of spirituality) according to pre calculated formulas. The drawback is that since intelligence is not used in many cases it fails to give good results and in many cases gives adverse results. For example in Gemini ascendant, the 9th lord is Saturn. Now the software would recommend the individual to wear a Blue Sapphire without determining the correct position of Saturn. It will recommend the Blue Sapphire to the individual having Saturn in the 9th house as well to the individual having Saturn in the 8th house. Your report will be made by highly respected consultants in the field of Vedic Astrology and Gemology.

What do we need for making your gemstone report?

1. Date of Birth (Example format: 25 April 1977)

2. Place of Birth (Please specify city, state and country)

3. Time of Birth (Please indicate AM/PM)

email or call-check contact us page
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