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Monday, December 31, 2012

Everything you want to know about sade sati

Sade Sati refers to a time period of seven and half years dominated by the influence of Saturn in our life. In India, where astrology is deep rooted in everyone`s psyche, Sade sati or Saturn spells dread and apprehensions. But it is important to understand this concept suitably to get more insight in our own destinies. After all, whatever the phases of our life, the best way to face them is with a down to earth attitude and cheerful smile. In Vedic astrology, moon is the major force that governs our life. This is unlike western astrology, where `Sun sign` is considered far more important than `Moon sign`. Moon sign or Janmarashi in our horoscope is the zodiac in which the moon is placed at the time of our birth.

Saturn is the cold, stern planet, famously known as a tough taskmaster. It causes delays, gloom and frustration wherever it goes. Sade sati is the time when our Janmarashi comes under the influence of Saturn. Saturn transits through each zodiac or Rashi, in two and a half years. Sade sati is the time when Saturn is transiting through the sign previous to the Janmarashi (two and half years), in the Janmarashi itself (again two and a half years), and the sign next to Janmarashi (again two and half years making it a course of 7 and half years in total). Saturn`s transit in each Rashi is known as Dhaiyya.

For example, if a person was born in `kark` (cancer) rashi then, Sade sati will begin for that individual the day Saturn will enter the previous sign, that is Mithuna rashi or Gemini. While the Saturn is going through Mithuna Rashi, the period will be known as `Pratham Dhaiyya` (first phase).

That native`s second Dhaiyya will start when Shani will enter Kark rashi itself. This will be major Dhaiyya with the profound outcome in full blow. The individual`s Third Dhaiyya will begin when Saturn will enter the next zodiac, i.e. Leo (sihm). The person`s Sade sati will finish the day Saturn will exit from Leo. All the meanwhile, that individual will be having various forms of setbacks and losses depending on the Dhaiyya, and his own horoscope. People having horoscopes where Saturn is well placed, tend to progress in Sade sati instead of suffering from reverse effects. Similarly, a strong well-placed moon also makes the horoscope holder highly immune from the effects of Sade Sati.

Hence, the phases of Sade sati are not same for everyone. For rare few people the period can turn out to be fatal, for most it is most trying one, while it proves to be highly prosperous time period for few. For an individual, different Dhaiyya give different effects on health, wealth, career, marriage and relations. Saturn is the ruling planet for Capricorn and Aquarius. It is also the yoga karaka (that planet which has the power and energy to bring growth, progress, prosperity, good luck and good fortune) for Taurus and Libra rising signs. When Sade-sati occurs for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius moon signs, the Sade-sati tend to be less negative.

Since, Saturn takes 29 and half years approx. to complete the entire circle of zodiac belt, a Sade sati can occur upto three times in a human`s lifespan. It is said that the third Sade sati takes adverse effects on a person`s health and can even result in his death.

IST Dhaiyya

In the first cycle, when Saturn transits 12th house from moon for 2 and a half years, the evil results are felt by the parents and near relations of the native. The health of grandmother will be affected and may result in her death. The eyesight of the native can be affected necessitating the use of spectacles. Saturn here creates extra expenditure.

The position of Saturn may affect the financial position. As Saturn aspects 2ndhouse, it may retard environmental activities. If in a birth chart, Saturn is passing through the last phase of life, it may force native to get sanyas VIZ one will be detached from his or her family, wealth, home etc. Forsaking of these worldly things amounts to Sanyas.

In addition to the above during this period, the father of native may have set back or reversal, loss etc. in his profession, and will lead to an extra, unwanted and uncalled for expenditure which may become unbearable for the native.

2ND Dhaiyya

During this cycle, Saturn transits the moon sign for 2 ½ years. During this period, it affects the native himself in domestic and professional fields. Also denotes ill health and death of some relations, fear from enemies, journey to distant places and separation from relations like brothers, sisters, wife or family etc. May cause imprisonment, miseries, loss of wealth, fatigue and general debility, loss of friends, Obstructions and delay in undertakings, failure in attempts and increased expenditure.

3RD Dhaiyya

Saturn when transits in 2nd house from Moon, third cycle of Sade Sati starts. It affects one`s health, children and May even cause death if it comes late in life. During this transit, loss of health, happiness, loss of position, increased expenditure, financial stress and physical weakness might be felt. Gain of wealth from others, which will be lost, deception through wicked men. May cause death of children too if other combinations to confirm the same are present.

Many believe that Sade sati is the debt of karma, which each individual has to pay in his life. Still, Astrologers suggests certain remedies to lessen the ill effects of Sade sati. Visiting Hanuman temple, to offer tribute to deity who won over Shanidev is one such popular one. Charity of black udad and oil is also a widespread action to pacify Saturn.

Sade sati is the astrological phenomenon during which the effects are felt by the individual and his/ her relatives. It is not a phase to be scared of. Forewarning prepares you to take things in stride, and accept the happenings. But the biggest advantage of Sade sati is that it teaches us important lessons in life which if learnt properly makes up the basic foundation of every success and achievement we make henceforth. Laziness and wrong attitude has to be discarded as the repeated failures teach us. We come to know about the higher priorities of life, other than materialistic (as said that a friend`s worth is only valued in difficulties.) The unwanted and unnecessary things are discarded. It is also the time to take a detachment from materialistic success and failures, instead of fretting over them. Sade sati gives perfect opportunity to be in touch with our spiritual self. In the long run, any person who value higher learning in life and accomplishments obtained after a series of trials will thank Sade Sati for making the life more meaningful.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nine planets in astrology , nav grah astrology

The Nine Planets in astrology, According to Vedas, are known as Nava-Graha. These exist in the entire sphere of celestial and astrological studies. In astrology, Planets are the heavenly bodies, whose movements are tracked by keeping earth as the central point; the heavenly objects casting their influence on earth, nature and its inhabitants to a great degree. Although, technically Sun and Moon are not planets, and Rahu and Ketu are just lunar nodes, still they are essentially referred as planets according to the Hindu astrology.

The Nine planets in Vedic astrology are of prime importance to Indian astrologers. Each of the nine planets, which are also known as Nava-Graha, is discussed below-

Surya or Sun
Sun bestows willpower, energy and fortune to each and every individual, enabling them to live life to its grandest level. Right from the looks of a being, to his personality, wisdom and achievements, Sun or Surya has the dominant role to play. Sun provides with the physical, as well as psychological well being of a person. Its benevolence is received by kings, leaders, politicians, artists, jewellers, gemmologists, actors alike.

Chandra or Moon
Moon or Chandra is responsible for our fertility, growth, long distance travel, mental peace, memory, relation with our mother and childbirth. An excellent and powerful moon provides good emotional strength and harmonious life. A weak moon can cause mental anxiety, emotional disturbance, and tough relations with our mother and people around us.

Brihaspati or Jupiter
Brihaspati is known as the planet of luck and is responsible for all the success, fortune, intellect and religious aspects of our lives. Jupiter or Brihaspati signifies high ambitions, knowledge and accomplishments. Consequently, it is a prominent planet in the charts of successful priests, religious leaders, politicians, and people pursuing deep knowledge.

Vudha or Mercury
A person ruled by Mercury planet has sharp thinking, diverse interests, inherent anxiety and versatile, changing temperament. The subject ruled by the planet also has good grasp for logic and analysis, and colourful imagination with natural flair in linguistics. Mercury is believed to dominate writers, education, artists, teachers, traders, businessmen and the nervous system. It rules over speech, intelligence, self-confidence, mathematics, sense of humour and short journeys.

Mangala or Mars
Mars provides a person with independent individuality and idealism. This planet rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio. While Mars is known to give open aggressiveness to Arians, the aggressiveness is much secretive in Scorpio. Martians are also known for strong passionate and sexual affiliations.

Shukra or Venus
Venus is considered to be a benefice, feminine and gentle planet. The quality it attributes are the ones of romance, love for fine things in life, luxuries, wealth, food, costumes, jewellery, sensual pleasures, inclination towards arts, music, beauty and tasteful living. Shukra`s occupants are gentle, admirers of jewellery, white dresses, fine arts, delicious foods and perfumes.

Shani or Saturn
Shanaishchara or Saturn is a Tamasik, which means lethargic, dry, cold and slow. Shani is known to destroy and ruin the residence it occupies. It is also believed to bring sorrow, obstruction, misery, disappointment, difficulties and disputes. When located properly, Shani provides wisdom, integrity, fame, spirituality, patience, authority, sincerity, love of justice, honesty etc. But wisdom consists in learning through all the difficulties in life, and rising above it as a more enlightened human being. This is the basic philosophy that Saturn conveys.

Rahu or Dragon`s Head
Rahuis not an actual planet rather it is an intelligent concept unique to Indian astrology. The two nodes where Earth’s trajectory rounds the Sun and Moon’s trajectory around the earth intersects are named as Rahu and Ketu. Consideration of these two lunar nodes /imaginary planets lends more precision to analysis in astrology.

Ketu or Dragons Tail
Ketu, like Rahu, is a shadow planet. It does not have a physical or celestial entity, but the south node of the two nodes formed when earth’s trajectory around Sun intersects moon’s trajectory around earth. It is a malefic planet, and is always 180 degrees apart from that of Rahu.

Each planet imparts a distinct property to human beings. For example, Moon affects our emotional and thinking patterns; Mercury rules our communication skills and so on. The zodiac in which the planet is placed highly affects the basic qualities it imparts. The energy can be manifested in negative and positive traits owing to the overall assessment of the horoscope, and most importantly, to a person’s free will.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Some rare facts about astrology !

#Seventy-five per cent of astrology readers are women, according to a
study by the website,
# Astrologers claim that the moon has the same effect upon humans, as
it does upon the ocean. If the moon can affect the huge tides it
cannot fail to affect the human body, which consists of 75 per cent
water. The moon is also associated with provoking deep emotions and
humans when the emotionally charged are brought to tears. The moon's
powers are also thought to affect women's monthly menstrual cycles.
# A third of Americans believe in astrology. Executives and
professionals are the fastest-growing group of believers, according to
a study by USA Today.
# After the American president, Ronald Reagan was shot, his wife Nancy
employed an astrologer to forecast his future safety.
# The most famous astrologer is Nostradamus, who is said to have
predicted events such as the Second World War, the assassination of
the American President John F. Kennedy and, most recently, the attack
on the World Trade Centre.
# A search for astrology on brings up nearly 2 million websites.
# The Zodiac was originally a natural agricultural calendar that dated
the sowing of crops, harvesting, etc. by the rising and setting of the
stars (especially Sirius), and the Pleiades or other recognisable
# The Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences in Seattle,
USA, is the first institution in the western hemisphere to issue BA
and MA degrees in Astrological studies. The first courses started in
July 2000. They cost $5000 a year and consist of a home study
programme with a one-week symposium at the Seattle campus once a term.
The college is named after Johannes Kepler, the noted German
mathematician and astronomer who also practiced astrology.
# The words, astrology and horoscope are the most searched topics on
the Internet, according to a 1999 study by
# Astrology is thought to be both a science and an art. It claims
scientific status because it requires mathematics and an understanding
of Astronomy. It is an art because interpretation is necessary to
bring the different aspects together and formulate an idea of the
individual's character traits and tendencies
# In the middle ages, a number of Catholic popes were intimately
familiar with astrology: Sixtus IV was the first pope to draw and
interpret a horoscope, Julius II choose his coronation date
astrologically, and Leo X and Paul III relied heavily on astrologers
for advice.
# Adolf Hitler is thought to have used an astrologer throughout the
Second World War.
# The practice of astrocartography looks at how you are affected by
your geographical location. It is believed that, by comparing your
birth chart to different areas in the world, the area where you will
be most successful and happy can be determined.
# According to a 1999 survey, Americans spend $100 million a year on
astrology. · Astrology offers an explanation for crop circles. The
crop circles occur in cereal and grain, which is the signature of
Virgo. Virgo, is the grain mother who feeds and nourishes the earth,
not only with crops but with the new direction of our beliefs, she
asks that we exercise discernment.
# There are 6,000-8,000 professional astrologers in the United States.
# German astrologer, Frau Elsbeth Ebertin, was given Hitler's birth
chart by a female fan in 1924. She accurately predicted that he would
become Fuhrer.
# Science presents many arguments against astrology. It is argued that
your genetic characteristics are developed from conception and not
birth. Astrologers, according to scientists, ignore matters such as
the gravitational force of non-solar bodies e.g: asteroids and comets,
the motion of the sun in respect to other stars and the wobble in the
earth's rotation axis, which has by now shifted the sun signs by 1 or
2 constellations.
# Former White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan said: "It's common
knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use
# A research group into the critical study of astrology has been set
up at Southampton University. PhD students attached to the group are
currently researching alcoholism's link to Jupiter, the correlation
between prostitutes and their date of birth and also the link between
women's infertility and correlations of Jupiter and Saturn.



Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rahu and ketu problems in birth chart

Rahu and Ketu, the two nodes of the Moon, take approximately 18 months to transit through a sign. Unlike other planets, Rahu and Ketu are just points (nodes) in space and have no mass. But they are considered to be more powerful than most other heavenly bodies. They always travel in the reverse direction – that is the retrogression. Here, we shall examine the Rahu transit with respect to individual Rashis. Rahu and Ketu are next in importance only to Jupiter and Saturn. They are unseen, mysterious points in space causing the eclipses. Technically speaking, they are not planets but their influence is so significant that they have been given the status of planets. Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, and Saturn are the slowest moving planets and thus call for maximum attention when they are in transit through any Rashi. The effect of no planet’s transit can be termed as fully malefic or fully benefic. It depends on how we respond to favourable and unfavourable situations. Rahu has a positive side, offering great boons in communications, new inventions, technology, etc. Rahu is extroverted, affirming, and ambitious, while Ketu is introverted, negating and detached. The influence of the transit on an individual Ketu transits are generally more difficult to tackle. Ketu deals with your karma. This will be the time when you will have to pay back your karmic debts. During its transits, Rahu will give you a lot and even promote you. One has to be discreet when it comes to the nodes. One needs to keep in mind that they deal with one’s karma. Well, they can really surprise you with what they bring forth. The movement of Rahu and Ketu through the Zodiac signs has been extensively observed by those with keen interest in astrology. Rahu, the planet of materialism, gives material gains in particular areas. It gives exceedingly good results in ‘Kendras’ & ‘Trikonas’. An apt placement of Rahu brings happiness. If well aspected, along with happiness, it also signifies acquisition of wealth and a powerful social position. But an inappropriate placement may bring anxieties and a condition wherein you really cannot enjoy material gains. The adverse effects may include loss of position, legal hassles and misfortune. Also, it urges one to turn to the almighty for mental peace. Ketu on the other hand, will deprive a person of the benefits of the House in which it is transiting and force him to think at a higher level. It can also result in an urge for introspection. The specific results heavily depend on the basic strength of your natal chart and also on the running ‘mahadasha’ of an individual. A strong natal chart is a blessing from the heavens as it minimises all negativity. Also, there are seven other planets in Vedic astrology and their placement and transit too needs to be taken into account for an accurate prediction.  

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Planets responsible for various health problems !

Sun: Heart, Sun-stroke, Eyes, Blood circulation, Spinal cord, Right
eye in males and left eye in females.

Moon: Cold, pneumonia, breast related diseases, kidneys, Stomach, and
Uterus related problems, Mania, Motions, left eye in males, right eye
in females.

Mercury: Digestive system, nerves, Lungs, Speech related problems,
Mouth, Tongue, Hands, Epilepsy.

Venus: Throat, neck, cheeks, skin, venereal diseases and reproductive organs.

Mars: Forehead, nose, muscles, male reproductive organs, piles,
hemorrhage, injuries, burns, cuts, fevers, accidents, electric shock,
suicidal tendencies.

Jupiter: Liver, diabetes, blood vessels, right ear, thigh, buttocks,
obesity, problems due to excess-eating.

Saturn: General weakness, bony appearance, Teeth, bones, knees,
joints, rheumatism, chronic diseases, asthma, lungs-related diseases,
tuberculosis and skin-related diseases.

Rahu: Rahu is considered as equal to Saturn in Vedic Astrology. Rahu
gives Leprosy, Cancer, diseases to spleen, poisoning, snake bite, bite
of poisonous insects and creatures.

Kethu: Kethu is considered as equal to Mars in Vedic Astrology. Kethu
gives hypertensions, B.P., Lunacy, allergies and infectious diseases.
When Kethu is involved, the real disease cannot be diagnosed by
medical equipment.

Uranus: Diseases to arteries, brain's nervous system, parts of spinal
cord, electric shock, heart attack, sudden accidents and unknown

Neptune: Psychic diseases, epilepsy, lunacy, food poisoning, drug
addiction, conjunctivitis, drowning, delusions, insomnia, infectious
and contagious diseases, bites of poisonous insects or animals.

Pluto: Congenital diseases, venereal diseases and accidents, diseases
due to harmful radiation like X-rays, atomic rays, UV rays, or
radio-active rays.

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Benefits of Surya Namaskar (SUN SALUTATIONS)

Surya Namaskara was a part of the daily ritual of our ancients. It is a wonderful regular routine of exercise, prayer and worship given in the scriptures of ancient of India. Surya Namaskara means salutations to Lord Surya. Stand facing the east at dawn and recite the mantras to pray Lord Surya and offer red sandals, flowers, rice grains (Akshatas) with water or simply water as libation and perform Surya Namaskara. It must be performed before the sunrise. Take water in a pot and mix all the materials in it and hold the pot in your fingers, keeping the thumbs aside and face the east. Chant the following Mantra and offer the libation thrice. Ehi Soorya sahastransho tejorashe jagatpate Anukampaya mam bhaktya grihanarghyam divakara Then offer the following prayer to Lord Surya. Dhyaeah sada savitri mandala madhyavarti Narayanah sarashija sanasanni vishtha Keyurvan makara kundalavan kireeti Hari hiranyamaya vapurdhrit shankha chakrah Surya Namaskaras There are twelve positions in Surya Namaskara. Twenty-five such Namaskaras form one Avriti (frequency). Surya Namaskara must be performed preferably in an open and airy place. Perform Surya Namaskara slowly without exerting too much or panting and puffing. There is one Mantra for each of the twelve Namaskaras- there by you also recite the dwadasa namas of Sun. For Free birth chart analysis send your birth details to :

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Totke - for improving business

<b>Plz note: These are common totke which will take more time to show results.For personal remedies send your birth details and problem to</b>

    * Goddess Lakshmi should be propiated on a Friday by lighting 9 ghee lamps at the home altar. Read Sri Suktam.
    * Water the Pipal tree every Saturday and light mustard lamp at the base of the tree.
    * If you are unemployed for a long time and wish to seek good employment take a yellow lemon and cut it into 4 equal parts. Throw each piece one in each direction- North, South, East and West at a four-junction road for 11 consecutive days without a break. You will get an employment.

    * If you have professional problem, soak Black gram on a friday night and season it with Mustard oil the following day. Divide it into three parts. A third of it may be given to a horse or buffalo, 2nd portion to a leper and take the last portion in your hand, wave it around your head in the anti-clockwise direction. Do this continuously for 40 days. Your impediment will vanish.
    * If you need a favorable posting or promotion, then after your bath, offer water and flower to the rising Sun in the morning for 27 days, in a row without a break.
    * Install the Energized Vyapaar Vridhi Yantra or the Udyoga Vashikaran/Akarshana Yantra for better success.
    * To ward off evil eye from business establishment and homes, install the Nazar battu I or Nazar Battu II
    * Your income will increase, if you offer wet Black Gram dal to Monkeys on Tuesdays.
    * Offer 7 cereals (sapta dhanya) to birds for growth in service.

    * When in doubt that someone is envious of your progress and has an evil eye on you, get a tooth of a Boar (wild pig) and get it placed on the wall in full vicinity. Do this on the first Wednesday of the Waxing(growing)Moon. This will take care of your progress and moreover your decisions thereafter will be apt.
    * Take a piece of a thread made of raw cotton and dye it with pure Saffron chanting the mantra “Om Mahalakshmyei Namah”. Tie this thread at your business-shop or establishment. Your business shall flourish. Those in service should keep this thread in the drawer of their table for better service conditions and to get quick promotion.
    * Procure 7 green chilies with straight stem and a Lime on any Tuesday. Tie them all in a black thread and hang them with the help of a peg outside your premises. Do so on every Tuesday. This measure ensures flourishing business. You can do so even on Saturdays as well.
    * If you have recurring loss in business, perform Rahu Ketu Homa/havan. Collect the ashes from the homa kund, wrap it in white cloth and preserve at home and office. Your business will flourish. Even chronic health problems will be overcome.
    * For reverting to success on a loss making unit, clear all bushes or wild growth around the Tulsi plant; if you do not have one, plant a fresh one in a clean area and take the leaves from it and wrap it in yellow cloth for placing both at home and office. See success for yourself.
    * To tide over business problem, after your early morning bath, offer water to the rising Sun and chant Gayatri mantra alongside. If possible, chantAditya hrudaya stothra also.
    * When you are worried about dwindling number of customers, cut 5 Limes to pieces on a Saturday, and mustard seeds, some black Pepper and a Clove. Keep them in the establishment. Following day, crush all of them between your hands. Repeat this and you will see success.
    * For growth of business, clean a portion of business premises with Ganges water; draw a Swastik with Saffron or Turmeric paste. Place Channa dal and jaggery. Light a ghee lamp on Thursdays.
    * If problem arises, whenever material is procured for business, buy some toys along with it and gift them to children. You will see positive changes.
    * Bring sindoor from lord Hanuman idol on a tuesday and keep  putting it little every day on the forehead. Read Hanuman Chalisa.
    * To accomplish your hearts desire, write your wish on a small paper. Make small doughs of it with wet flour and throw such 100 pills to the fishes on any Sunday, The wish will be fulfilled.
    * For the increase in sales – Scatter a fistful of pepper and black grams in your shop on Sunday. Sweep them yourself with a broom and bury them in a hole. Thus any ‘black magic’ or evil eye cast on your shop becomes Ineffective, and the sales increase many times.

Navgrah chalisa

    Shri Ganpati gurupad kamal prem sahit shri nay
    Navgarh chalisa kahat sharad hou sahay

    Pratnmahin Ravi kahaun navaun-matha
    Karhu kripa jan jani anatha

    He Aditya Divakar Bhanti
    Main mati mand maha agyanti

    Ab nij jan kahaun harhu kalesha
    Dinkar dvadash rup dinesha

    Namo Bhaskar Surya prabhakar
    Ark mitra adh aodh chhmakar

    Shashi mayank Rajanipati svami
    Chandr kalanidhi namo namami

    Rakapati Himanshu rakesha
    Pranvat jain nij harhu kalesha

    Som indu vidhu shanti sudhakar
    Shit rashi aoushdhi nishakar

    Tumhin shobhit bhal Mahesha
    sharam sharam janharhu kalsha

    jai jai jai mangal sukhadata
    lohit bhoumadik vikhyata

    angarak karhu ruj ranhari
    daya karhu yahi vinay hanmari

    He mahisut chhaitsut sukhasi
    johitang jag jan adhnasi

    agam amangal men her lije
    sakaal manorth puran kije

    Jai shashinandan budhs maharaja
    karhu sakal jan ke shubh kaja

    dije buhdi sumati bal gyana
    kathin kasht hari kari kalayana

    he tarasut rihini nandan
    chandra suvan dukh duri nikandan

    Pujhu aas das kahun svami
    Panat pal prabhu namo namami

    Jayanti jayanti jai shri guru deva
    Karun sada tumhari prrbhu seva

    devacharya dev guru gyani
    Indra puroit vidhya dani

    vaschapati vagis udara
    he prabhu brahapati nam tumhara

    vidhya sindhu angira nama
    karhu sakal vidi puran kama

    Shukadev tav pad jai jata
    Das nirantar dhyan lagata

    He ushana bharagav bhrugunandan
    daitya purohit dusht nikandan

    bhrugukal bhuhan dushan hari
    harhu nesht garh karhu sukhari

    tuhi pandit joshi dvijraja
    tumhare rahat sahat sub kaja

    Jai shri shani dev ravi nandan
    Jai krishane souri jagvandan

    Pingal mand roundra yam nama
    vadhru aadi konasthallama

    Bakra dhrashti pippal tan saja
    chhan mahun karat rank ko raja

    latat swarn pad karat nihala
    karhu vijay chhaye ke lala

    Jai jai rahu gagan pravisaiya
    tumhi chandraditya grasaiya

    ravi shashi ari savahanu thara
    shikhi adi bahu nam tumhare

    saihinkey nishacher raja
    ardhakay tum rakhahu laja

    yadi garh samy a pap khun abahu
    sada shanti rahi sukh upjavahu

    Jai jai ketu kathin dukhhari
    nij jan hetu sumangalkari

    dviyut rund rup vikrala
    ghor round tan adh man kala

    shiki tarika hgath balvana
    maha pratab na tej thikana

    van min maha shubhkari
    dijai shanti daya ur dhari

    tirathaj prayag supasa
    basai Ramke sundar dasa

    kakra gramhin 'pure-tiwari'
    durvasasvan jan dukh hari

    nav-garh shanti likhyi sutu
    jan tan kasht utaran setu

    jo nit path kai chit lavai
    sub sukh bhogi param pad pavai


    Dhanya naygarh devprabhu
    mahima agam apar
    nit nav mangal mod garh
    jagat janan sukhdhar


Lord Bhairav chalisa - for removing negative impact of rahu ,shani , ketu in life


    Shri ganapati, guru, gauri pada, prema sahita dhari maatha.
    Chalisa vandana karaun, shri shiva bhairavanaatha.
    Shri bhairava sankata harana, mangala karana kripaala.
    Shyaama varana vikaraala vapu, lochana laala vishaala.

    Jaya jaya shri kaali ke laalaa, jayati jayati kaashii- kutavaalaa.
    Jayati 'batuka- bhairava' bhaya haarii, jayati 'kaala- bhairava' balakaarii.

    Jayati 'naatha- bhairava' vikhyaataa, jayati 'sarva- bhairava' sukhadaataa.
    Bhairava ruupa kiyo shiva dhaarana, bhava ke bhaara utaarana kaarana.

    Bhairava rava suni hvai bhaya duurii, saba vidhi hoya kaamanaa puurii.
    Shesha mahesha aadi guna gaayo, kaashii- kotavaala kahalaayo..

    Jataa juuta shira chandra viraajata, baalaa, mukuta, bijaayatha saajata .
    Kati karadhanii ghuungharuu baajata, darshana karata sakala bhaya bhaajata..

    Jiivana daana daasa ko diinhyo, kiinhyo kripaa naatha taba chiinhyo.
    Vasi rasanaa bani saarada- kaalii, diinhyo vara raakhyo mama laalii..

    Dhanya dhanya bhairava bhaya bhanjana, jana manaranjana khala dala bhanjana .
    Kara trishula damaruu shuchi kodaa, kripaa kataaksha suyasha nahin thodaa..

    Jo bhairava nirbhaya guna gaavata, ashtasiddhi nava nidhi phala paavata.
    Ruupa vishaala kathina dukha mochana, krodha karaala laala duhun lochana..

    Aginat bhuta preta sanga dolat, bam bam bam shiva bam bam bolat.
    Rudrakaaya kaalii ke laalaa, mahaa kaalahuu ke ho kaalaa..

    BaTuka naatha ho kaala ganbhiiraa, shveta, rakta aru shyaama shariiraa.
    Karata tinhun rupa prakaashaa, bharata subhaktana kahan shubha aashaa.

    Ratna jadita kanchana sinhaasana, vyaaghra charma shuchi narma suaanana.
    Tumahi jaai kaashihin jana dhyaavahin, ishvanaatha kahan darshana paavahin..

    Jaya prabhu sanhaaraka sunanda jaya, jaya unnata hara umaa nanda jaya.
    Bhiima trilochana svaana saatha jaya, vaijanaatha shri jagatanaatha jaya.

    Mahaa bhiima bhiishana shariira jaya, rudra trayambaka dhiira viira jaya.
    Ashvanaatha jaya pretanaatha jaya, svaanaarudha sayachandra maatha jaya

    Nimisha digambara chakranaatha jaya, gahata anaathana naatha haatha jaya.
    Treshalesha bhuutesha chandra jaya, krodha vatsa amaresha nanda jaya.

    Shri vaamana nakulesha chanda jaya, krityaau kiirati prachanda jaya.
    Rudra batuka krodhesha kaaladhara, chakra tunda dasha paanivyaala dhara .

    Kari mada paana shambhu gunagaavata, chaunsatha yogina sanga nachaavata.
    Karata kripaa jana para bahu dhangaa, kaashii kotavaala adabangaa.

    Deyan kaala bhairava jaba sotaa, nasai paapa motaa se motaa.
    Janakara nirmala hoya shariiraa, mitai sakala sankata bhava piiraa.

    Shri bhairava bhuutonke raajaa, baadhaa harata karata shubha kaajaa.
    Ailaadii ke duhkha nivaarayo, sadaa kripaakari kaaja samhaarayo .

    Sundara daasa sahita anuraagaa, shri durvaasaa nikata prayaagaa.
    " Shri bhairava jii kii jaya" lekhyo, sakala kaamanaa puurana dekhyo.

    Jai Jai Jai Bhairav Batuka Swami Sankat Taar,Kripa Daas par kijiye Shankar ke Avataar,
    Jo yeh Chalisa Pare prem sahit shat baar, us ghar sarvanand ho,vaibhav baare apaar.

    Jai sri Bhairavaye Namah!


Vishnu chalisa -for overall benefits

Jai jai jai shri jagat pati, jagadadhar anant
Vishveshvar akhilesh aj, Sarveshvar Bhagvant.

Jai jai Dhranidhar shruti sagar
jayati Gadadhar sadgun agar.
Shri Vasudev Devaki nandan
Vasudev, nasan-bhav-phandan.
Namo-namo sacharachar-svami
paranbrahma prabhu namo namo namami.
Namo-namo Tribhuvan pati Ish
Kamala pati keshav yogish.
Garudadhvaj aj, bhav bhai hari
Murlidhar Hari Madan murari.
Narayan shripati Purshottam
Padmanabhi narhari sarvottam.
Jai Madhav Mukuud,
vanmali khal dal mardan, daman-kuchali.
Jai aganit indniya sarangdhar
vishva rup Vaman anand kar.
Jai jai lokadhyaksh-dhananijai
sahastragya Jaganath jayati jai.
Jai Madhusudan anupam anan
jayati Vayu-vahan vajra kanan.
Jai Govind Janardan deva
shubh phal lahat gahat tav seva.
Shyam saroruh sam tan sohat
darsha karat, sur nar muni mohat.
Bhai vishal mukut shir sajat
ur vaijanti mal virajat.
Tirchhi Bhrikuti chap janu dhare
tin-tar nain kamal arunare.
Nasha chibuk kapol manohar
mridu muskan kunj adharan par.
Janu mani pankti dashan man bhavan
basan pit tan param suhavan.
Rup chaturbhuj bhushit bhushan
varad hast, mochan bhav dushan.
Kanjarun sam kartal sundar
sukh samuh gun madhur samundar.
Kar mahan lasit shankh ati pyara
subhag shabda jai dene hara.
Ravi sam chakra dvitiya kar dhare
khal dal danav sainya sanhare.
Tritiya hast mahan gada prakashan
sada tap-traya-pap vinashan.
Padma chaturth hath mahah dhare
chari padarath dene hare.
Vahan Garud manogativana
tihun tyagat, jan hit Bhagvana.
Pahunchi tahan pat rakhat svami
ko Hari sam bhaktan anugami.
Dhani-dhani mahima again ananta
dhanya bhaktavatsal Bhagvanta.
Jab-jab surahin asur dukhdinha
taba tab prakati, kasht Hari linha.
Sab sur-muni Brahmadi Maheshu
sahi na sakyo ati kathin kaleshu
Tab tahan dhari bahu rup nirantar
mardyo-dal danvahi bhayahkar.
Shaiyya shesh, Sindhu bich sajit
sang Lakshmi sada-virajit.
Puran shakti dhanya-dhan-khani
anand bhakti bharani sukh dani.
Jasu virad nigamagam gavat
sharad shesh par nahin pavat.
Rama Radhika Siya sukh dhama
sohi Vishnu Krishna aru Rama.
Aganit rup anup apara
nirgun sagun svarup tumhara.
Nahin kachhu bhed ved as bhashat
bhaktan se nahin antar rakhat.
Shri Prayag-Durvasa-dhama
Sundardas Tivari grama.
Jag hit lagi tumahin Jagdisha
nij-mati rachyo Vishnu-chalisa.
Jo chit dai nit padhat padhavat
puran bhakti shakti sarsavat.
Ati sukh vasat, ruj rin nasat
vaibhav vikashat, sumati prakashat.
Avat sukh, gavat shruti sharad
bhashat Vyas-bachan nishi Narad.
Milat subhag phal shok nasavat
ant sainaya jan Han pad pavat.

Prem sahit gahi dhyan mahan, hridai bich Jagdish,
Arpit Shaligram kahan, kari Tulasi nit shish.
Kshan bhangur tanu jani, kari ahankar parihar.
Sar rup Ishvar lakhai, taji asar sansar,
Satya shodh kari ur gahai, ek Brahma Onkar,
Atma bodh hovai tabai, milai mukti ke dvar.
Shanti aur sadbhav kahan, jab ur phulahin phul,
Chalisa phal lahahin jan, rahahi Ish anukul.
Ek path jan nit karai, Vishnu dev chalis,
Char padarath navahun nidhi, deyan Dvarikadhis


Ram chalisa - for increasing confidence in you

Ganapati charan saroj gahi
Charanodak dhari bhal,
Likhau vimal Ramavali, sumiri Anjanilal.
Ram charit varnan Karaun, Ramahin hridai manai.
Madan kadan ral rakhishir, man kahan tap mitai.

Ram Ramapati Raghupati jai jai
Maha-Lokpati Jagpati jai jai.
Rajit Janak dulari jai jai
Mahinandan Prabhu-pyari jai jai.
Ratihun divas Ram dhun jahin
Magan rahat man, tan dukh nahin.
Ram saneh jasu ur hoi
Maha bhagyashali nar soi.
Rakshas dal sanhari jai jai
Maha patit tanu tari jai jai.
Ram nam jo nishdin gavat
Man vanchhit phal nishchai pavat.
Ramayudhsar jehin kar sajat
Man manoj lakhi kotihun Iajat.
Rakhahu laj hamari jai jai
Mahima agam tumhari jai jai
Rajiv nayan munin man mohai
mukut manohar shir par sohai.
Rajit mridul gat shuchi anan
Makarakrit kundal duhun kanan.
Ramchandra sarvottam jai jai
Maryada Purshottam jai jai
Ram nam gun agam ananta
Manan karat sharad shruti santa.
Rati divas dhyavahu man Rama
Man ranjan bhanjan bhav dama.
Raj bhavan, sang men nahin jaihain
Man ke hi man men rahi jaihain
Ramhin nam ant sukh daihain
Man gadhant gap kam na aihain.
Ram kahani Ramahin sunihain
Mahima Ram tabai man gunhain.
Ramhi mahan jo nit chit rakhihain
Madhukar saris madhur ras chakhihain.
Rag rang kahun kirtan thani hain
Mamta tyagi ek ras janihain.
Ram kripa tinhin par hvai hain
Man vanchhit phal abhimal paihain.
Rakshas daman kiyo jo chhan men
Maha banhu bani vicharyo van men.
Ravanadi hati gati, dai dinhyo
Mahi Ravanahin Siya vadh kinhyo.
Ram ban sut sursari dhara
Maha patkihun gati dai dara.
Ram ramit jag amit ananta
Mahima kahi na sakahin shruti santa.
Ram nam joi det bhulai
Maha nisha soi let bulai.
Ram bina ur hot andhera
man sohi dukh sahat ghanera.
Ramahi adi anadi kahavat
Mahavrti Shankar-gun gavat.
Ram nam lahi Brahma apara
Mahikar bhar shesh shir dhara.
Rakhi Ram hiya Shambhu sujana
Maha ghor vish kinhyo pana.
Ramahi mahi-lakhi lekh Maheshu
Maha pujya kari diyo Ganeshu.
Ram ramit ras ghatit bhakti ghat
Man ke bhajatahin khulat prem pat
Rajit Ram jinahin ur antar
Mahavir sam bhakta nirantar.
Ramahi linha ek sahara
Maha sindhu Kapi kinha para.
Ram nam rasna ras shobha
Mardan kam krodh mad lobha.
Ram charit bhaji bhayo sugyata
Mahadeva mukti ke data.
Ramahi japat mitat bhav shula
Ram mantra yah mangal mula.
Ram nam japi jo na sudhara
Man pishach so nipat ganvara.
Ram ki mahima kahan lag gaun
mati malin man par na paun.
Ramavaii as likhi chalisa
Mati anusar dhyan Gaurisa.
Ramahi sundar rachi ras paga Math Durvasa nikat Prayaga.
Ram bhakt yahin jo nit dhyavahin
Man vanchhit phal nischai pavahin.

Ram nam nit bhajahu man. ratihun din chitlai.
Mamta matsar malinata. manastap miti jai.
Ram ka tithi budh Rohiini, Ramavali kiyabhas.
Man sahastra bhuj drug samat, magsar Sundardas.


Lord Krishna chalisa : for overall benefits

    Jai Sri Krishna
    Glory to you, O Lord Krishna!

    Bansi shobhit kar madhur, neel jalaj tanu shyam.
    The sweet sounding flute embellishes your hands,your body dark of hue is like the blue lotus.

    Arun adhar janu bimba phal, nayan kamal abhiraam.
    Your crimson lips are like the bimba fruit,
    and your eyes are like the pleasing lotuses.

    Puran indu Arvind mukha, pitaambar suchi saaj.
    Your face is like a fresh- blossoming lotus and radiating like the full moon, and you are beautifully attired in your yellow silken costume.

    Jai Man Mohan Madan chhavi, Shree Krishnachandra Maharaj.
    Jai Man-Mohan Madan-(Mohan), Sri Krishnachandra Maharaj ki jai

    Jai jai Yadunandan jag vandan, Jai Vasudev Devki nandan.
    Glory, glory to the son of the Yadav race, glory to one who is universally adored; glory to the son of Vasudeva and Devaki.

    Jai Yashoda sut Nanda dulaare, Jai prabhu bhaktan ke rakhavaare.
    Glory to the beloved son of Yashoda and Nanda, glory to you,O Lord, the protector of your devotees.

    Jai Natanaagar Naag nathaiyaa, Krishna Kanhaiya dhenu charaiya.
    Glory to the most accomplished player, the subduer of the Naag (cobra snake, you are indeed Kanhaiya, the cowherd.

    Puni nakh par Prabhu girivar dhaaro, Aavo deenan-kasht nivaaro.
    O Lord! You uplifted the Govardhan mountain on the nail of your small finger, Pray come and free the helpless from their distress.

    Bansi madhur adhar-dhari tero, Hove puran manorath mero.
    O Lord, you have the sweet flute touching
    your lips, Pray fulfil our wishes.

    Aao Hari puni maakhan khaao, aaj laaj bhaktan ki raakho.
    Come again, O Lord to eat makkhan (cream),
    And protect your devotee’s honour this day.

    Gol kapol chibuk arunaare, mridu muskaan mohini daare.
    With reddish chubby cheeks, Your smile
    is gentle (soft and sweet) and bewitching.

    Raajit Raajiv nayan vishaalaa, mor mukut vaijayantimaalaa.
    You have large lotus-like eyes, you wear crown adorned with peacock feather and you wear Vaijayanti garland.

    Kundal shravan peet pat aache, kati kinkini kaachhani kaachhe.
    Your ears are elegantly adorned with gold ear-rings, while the trinkets on your corset and the lovely kachani are looking graceful.

    Neel jalaj sundar tan sohe, chhavi lakhi sur nar muni mana mohai.
    Gods and humans and sages are entranced at the sight of your beautiful and magnificent body which is like the blue lotus.

    Mastak tilak alak ghunghraale, Aao Shyaam bansuri vaale.
    Your forehead is decorated with tilak with lovely braided hair on your head ; Please come, O Shyam, the flute player.

    Kari pai paan putanaahin taaryo, Akaa-Bakaa Kaagaasur maaryo.
    You liberated the demoness Putana when as a baby, you sucked the dreadful breast of Putana drawing out poison along with her life. Also you killed many a demons like Akaasur, Bakaasur and Kagaasur.

    Madhuvan jalat agin jab jvaala, bhei sheetal lakhatahin Nandalala.
    When wild fire broke out in the forest Madhuvan, Nandalala swallowed up
    that fierce conflagaration and restored the cool

    Jab surpati Brij chadhyo risaai, Musardhaar baari barsaai.
    The ruler of gods, Indra, was angered, and Indra produced over Vraj a deluge causing the rains to come down in torrents of cataclysmic and violent downpour.

    Lakhat lakhat Brij chahat bahaayo, Govardhan nakh dhari bachaayo.
    When entire Vraj was being drowned, the Lord saved Vraj by uprooting with one hand Mount Govardhan and sheltering Vraj under it.

    Lakhi Yashodaa mana bhram adhikaai, Mukh mahan chaudah bhuvan dikhaai.
    For removing doubts in mother Yashoda's mind, you
    displayed, within your mouth, the fourteen spheres.

    Dusht Kansa ati udham machaayo, Koti kamal kahan phul mangaayo.
    When wicked Kansa was causing great havoc, and demanded that a crore of lotus flowers be sent to him.

    Naathi kaaliyahin ko tum linhyo, Charan chinh dai nirbhay kinho.
    By overpowering and subduing Kaliya, you provided safety for all.

    Kari gopin sang raas bilaasa, sab ki pur kari abhilashaa.
    You fulfilled the desires of all the Gopis by playing Raas with them.

    Aganit mahaa asur sanhaaryo, Kansahi kesh pakada dai maaryo.
    You eliminated innumerable powerful demons, and with Kansa, grasping him tightly by the hair, you dragged him hard and killed him.

    Maatu pitaa ki bandi chhudaayo, Ugrasen kahan raaj dilaayo.
    Having secured the release of his mother and father from bondage, you restored to Ugrasen his lost kingdom.

    Mahi se mritak chhaho sut laayo, Matu Devaki shok mitaayo.
    You brought back the six dead sons of Devaki from the underworld and freed her from grief.

    Narkaasur mura khal sanhaari, Laaye shatdash sahas kumaari.
    You killed the demon Narkasur and also the demon Mura; and freed sixteen thousand maidens who were kept in bondage by Narkasur.

    Dai Bhima trin chir ishaaraa, Jaraasandh raakshas kahan maaraa
    By a cryptic signal by splitting a twig you instructed Bhima as to how Jarasandha can be slain.

    Asur vrikaasur aadik maaryo, Nij bhaktan kar kasht nivaaryo.
    By killing many demons like Vrikaasur, you eased the distress of your devotees.

    Deen Sudaamaa ke dukh taaryo, Tandul teen muthi mukh daaryo.
    You removed poor Sudama's poverty, and you ate with relish three handfuls of beaten rice.

    Duryodhan ke tyaagyo mevaa, Kiyo Vidur ghar shaak kalevaa.
    You ate simple vegetables at the house of devotees like Vidur in preference to the rich fare at Duryodhan's palace.

    Lakhi prem tuhin mahimaa bhaari, Naumi Shyam deenan hitkaari.
    O Shyama! O compassionate to the poor! Having witnessed your abounding grace and glory, I bow to you.

    Bhaarat mein paarath-rath haanke, Liye chakra kar nahin bal thaake.
    You drove chariot during the battle of Mahabharata; you remained unwearied with the discus in your hand.

    Nij Gitaa ke gyaan sunaaye, bhaktan hriday sudhaa sarsaaye.
    You communicated the wisdom of the Gita and let the hearts of your devotees abound with the nectar of love.

    Meera aisi matvaali, vish pi gayi bajaakar taali
    Mira, your devotee, was so totally engrossed with unbounded devotion to you, that brimming with joy she even drank poison

    Raanaa bhejaa saamp pitaari, shaaligraam bane banvaari.
    When O Banavaari, the Rana sent a basket containing a snake, you assumed the form of a Shaligram stone.

    Nij maayaa tum vidhihin dikhaayo, ura te sanshay sakal mitaayo
    By revealing your illusory powers to Brahma, you dispelled all his misgivings.

    Tav shatnindaa kari tatkaalaa, jivan mukt bhayo shishupaalaa.
    When Shishupala reviled you, you terminated his life.

    Jabahin Draupadi ter lagaai, Deenaanaath laaj ab jaai.
    When Draupadi sought your help by pleading, 'O Lord of the distressed! My honour is at stake!'

    Turata hi basan bane Nandlala, badhyo chir bhe ari mukh kaalaa.
    O Nandalala! You instantly supplied cloth, and the assembly members became ashen faced with disbelief.

    Asa anaatha ke naath Kanhaiyaa, dubat bhanvar bachaavahi naiya
    You are, O Kanhaiya, so great a guardian of the helpless orphan that you rescue every sinking boat from the whirlpool of life.

    Sundardaas vaas Durvaasaa, karat vinay Prabhu pujahu aasaa
    O Lord! Sundardas, an inmate of the hermitage of Durvasa, beseeches You to grant his wishes.

    Naath sakal ur kumati nivaaro, chhamo vegi apraadh hamaaro.
    O Lord! Dispel all ignorance from his heart and forgive him his faults.

    Kholo pat ab darshan deeje, Bolo Krishna Kanhaiya ki jai
    May you reveal yourself to him by opening the door of his heart. May we all sing 'Victory, victory to you, Lord Krishna, glory to Kanhaiya!'

    Krishna chandra ke naam Se, hot praphullit gaay,
    tan ghaatak paatak tarat, rog duri hoy jaay.
    Chaalisaa jo nit padhai, Kathin kasht kati jaai,
    dhan jan bal vidyaa badhaai, nit nar sukh sarsai.
    Yah chalisa Krishna ka, path kare ur dhaari,
    asht siddhi nav niddhi phal, lahe padaarath chaari.

    Whoever with cheerfulness sings this song will have his (or her) three types of troubles removed and will be freed from sins and diseases.

    Those who recite this Krishna Chalisa with faith and devotion can acquire eight siddhis (supernatural powers through Yoga, viz., anima, mahima, garima, laghima, prapti, prakamya, ishitva and vashitva) and the nine types of treasures.

    Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya


Gayatri chalisa - for increasing confidence level


    O holy Mother Gayatri, you are the first to relieve pain, the first to satisfy and the first to bestow bliss. You are super-intelligence, the bright light of life. You are peace, change awakening, progress and incessant creative power.


    Gayatri is the Mother of the whole creation. She is benevolent and abode of bliss. She is Pranava i.e. AUMKARA, origin of all, destroyer of evils. She brings self - content and fulfils desires.


    Holy mother Gayatri, accompanied by AUM is the creator of the three worlds - Bhur Bhuvah and Swah. She always burns off the impurities of the dark age. Her 24 alphabets are supreme purifier and the scriptures, the vedas and Geeta are enshrined in Her.


    Holy mother Gayatri is eternal. She has noble qualities and noble form. She is unique nectar of eternal Trith. With white apparel she sits on the Swan. Her golden complexation is holy and she flied in the sky.


    He who meditates upon the form of Gayatri devotionally, as holding a book, a flower, the holy vessel and a rosary and had having white complexation and wide eyes experiences bliss and is relieved of unhappiness and evil intellect.


    O Gayatri! You are the celestial, cow, kamdhenu that fulfils all desires, you are the shade of the divine tree, Kalpataru. He who comes under your protection overcomes all difficulties.


    You are Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali in one (and so). You shine with extra-ordinatry light. Your greatness can't be comprehended eve if Sharada signs about the same with a hundred mouths.


    O Gayatri! You are the holy mother of the four vedas. You are the wife of Brahma. You are the Gauri, the wife of Lord Shiva and You are Geeta. No Mantra (hold chant) among all the world is comparable with Gayatri Mantra.


    O Gayatri! When you are remembered, divine knowledge shines in the heart and idleness, sins and ignorance are dispelled. O Bhawani, You are the benign bestower of boons and the night of deluge.


    O Gayatri! Brahma, Vishnu and all other Gods have received divinity from you. You are for the devotees and the devotees are for you. Really, the mother loves the child more than herself.


    O Gayatri! Your power is infinite. May you who has three phrases and who removes the fear be victorious. You pervade both gross knowledge and spiritual knowledge. None, greater than you, has come to the world.


    O Gayatri! After knowing you, there remains nothing to be known and there remains neither sins or afflications. I know that you are self-born. Even a base metal becomes by contact with touchstone.


    O gaytri! Your energy shines every where. O Mother you are omnipresent. The planets, the constellations and infinite universe are inspired by you to remain in motion.


    O Gayatri! You have created the life-force of the whole creation and you protect, nourish, destroy and save. O Divine mother, You have taken a vow to be merciful. Because of you even a great sinner is redeemed.


    O Gayatri! all are mecriful to hims on whom you are merciful. The dull person gains sharp intellect and the diseased one is cured.


    O Gayatri! when you are graceful, poverty is removed, all worries end, all miseries and fear are removed. All domestic tribulations and ancieties are mitigated because you are the redeemer.


    O Gayatri! (if your devotee) is childless he gets excellent children. He enjoys life with great prosperity and wealth. All his fear, of ghosts and goblins, is gone and the agents of yama, the god of death, don't approach him.


    If a married women remembers Gayatri Devi with devotion she will have happy married life till end. Similarly an unmarried girl will get blissful home and husband and a widow will maintain her true vows.


    Gayatri Devi is victorious as the mother of the world and as wife of Lord Shiva. O Gayatri! none is as merciful and charitable as you are. If a person is initiated by a true preceptor for Gayatri Mantra his Gayatri worship will be successful.


    If a fortunate person with good inclination remembers Gayatri Devi, all his desires would be fulfilled and yet he wouldn't be tied to them. Omnipotent mother Gayatri is capable enough to bestow all the eight miraculous powers and all the nine types of treasures.


    The sage, the ascetic, the Saint, the performer of penance, a yogi, the unhappy one, the poor one desiring wealth, the worried one whoever comes under your shelter has his desire fulfilled.


    He who recites this Gayatri Chalisa daily, with rapt attention will have increased strength, intellect, earning, improved character and nature, multiplied wealth, luxury, prestige and provels. All these will multiply to give him various types of happiness.


    Holy Mother Gayatri will be pleased with and favour one who recites this Gayatri Chalisa daily with devotion.


Ganesh / ganpati chalisa- removing obstacles in business and life

    Jai Ganesh Girija Suvan
    Mangal Mul Sujan
    Kahat Ayodhya Das Tum Dev Abhaya Varadan

    Glory to Lord Ganesh, the Divine Son of Goddess Girija, the cause of all auspiciousness and intelligence. Ayodha Dass humbly requests that every one be blessed with the boon of being fearless.

    Jai Girija Pati Dinadayala
    Sada Karat Santan Pratipala
    Bhala Chandrama Sohat Nike Kanan Kundal Nagaphani Ke

    O Glorious Lord, consort of Parvati You are most merciful. You always bless the poor and pious devotees. Your beautiful form is adorned with the moon on Your forehead and on your ears are earrings of snakes' hood.

    Anga Gaur Shira Ganga Bahaye
    Mundamala Tan Chhara Lagaye
    Vastra Khala Baghambar Sohain Chhavi Ko Dekha Naga Muni Mohain

    The holy Ganges flows from your matted hair. The saints and sages are attracted by Your splendid appearance. Around Your neck is a garland of skulls. White ash beautifies Your Divine form and clothing of lion's skin adorns Your body.

    Maina Matu Ki Havai Dulari
    Vama Anga Sohat Chhavi Nyari
    Kara Trishul Sohat Chhavi Bhari Karat Sada Shatrun Chhayakari

    O Lord, the beloved daughter of Maina on Your left adds to Your splendid appearance. O Wearer of the lion's skin, the trishul in Your hand destroys all enemies.

    Nandi Ganesh Sohain Tahan Kaise
    Sagar Madhya Kamal Hain Jaise
    Kartik Shyam Aur Ganara-U Ya Chhavi Ko Kahi Jata Na Ka-U

    Nandi and Shri Ganesh along with Lord Shiva appear as beautiful as two lotuses in the middle of an ocean. Poets and philosophers cannot describe the wonderful appearance of Lord Kartikeya and the dark complexioned Ganas.

    Devan Jabahi Jaya Pukara
    Tabahi Dukha Prabhu Apa Nivara
    Kiya Upadrav Tarak Bhari Devan Sab Mili Tumahi Juhari

    O Lord, whenever the Deities humbly sought Your assistance, You kindly and graciously uprooted all their problems. You blessed the Deities with Your generous help when the demon Tarak outraged them and You destroyed him.

    Turata Shadanana Apa Pathayau
    Lava-Ni-Mesh Mahan Mari Girayau
    Apa Jalandhara Asura Sanhara Suyash Tumhara Vidit Sansara

    O Lord, You sent Shadanan without delay and thus destroyed the evil ones Lava and Nimesh. You also destroyed the demon Jalandhara. Your renown is known throughout the world.

    Tripurasur Sana Yudha Macha-I
    Sabhi Kripakar Lina Bacha-I
    Kiya Tapahin Bhagiratha Bhari Purva Pratigya Tasu Purari

    O Lord, Purari, You saved all Deities and mankind by defeating and destroying the demons Tripurasura. You blessed Your devotee Bhagirath and he was able to accomplish his vow after rigorous penance.

    Danin Mahan Tum Sama Kou Nahin
    Sevak Astuti Karat Sadahin
    Veda Nam Mahima Tab Ga-I Akatha Anandi Bhed Nahin Pa-I

    O Gracious One, devotees always sing Your glory. Even the Vedas are unable to describe Your greatness. No one is as generous as You.

    Pragate Udadhi Mantan Men Jvala
    Jarat Sura-Sur Bhaye Vihala
    Kinha Daya Tahan Kari Sara-I Nilakantha Tab Nam Kaha-I

    Lord, when the ocean was churned and the deadly poison emerged, out of Your deep compassion for all, You drank the poison and saved the world from destruction. Your throat became blue, thus You are known as Nilakantha.

    Pujan Ramchandra Jab Kinha
    Jiti Ke Lanka Vibhishan Dinhi
    Sahas Kamal Men Ho Rahe Dhari Kinha Pariksha Tabahin Purari

    When Lord Rama worshipped You, He became victorious over the king of demons, Ravan. When Lord Rama wished to worship Thee with one thousand lotus flowers, the Divine Mother, to test the devotion of Shri Ram, hid all the flowers at Your request.

    Ek Kamal Prabhu Rakheu Joi
    Kushal-Nain Pujan Chaha Soi
    Kathin Bhakti Dekhi Prabhu Shankar Bhaye Prasanna Diye-Ichchhit Var

    O Lord, You kept on looking at Shri Ram, who wished to offer His lotus-like eyes to worship Thee. When You observed such intense devotion, You were delighted and blessed Him. You granted His heart's desire.

    Jai Jai Jai Anant Avinashi
    Karat Kripa Sabake Ghat Vasi
    Dushta Sakal Nit Mohin Satavai
    Bhramat Rahe Mohin Chain Na Avai

    Glory be unto You O Gracious, Infinite, Immortal, All-pervading Lord. Evil thoughts torture me and I keep on traveling aimlessly in this world of mundane existence. No relief seems to be coming my way.

    Trahi-Trahi Main Nath Pukaro
    Yahi Avasar Mohi Ana Ubaro
    Lai Trishul Shatrun Ko Maro
    Sankat Se Mohin Ana Ubaro

    O Lord! I beseech Your help and see your divine blessing at this very moment. Save and protect me. Destroy my enemies with Your Trishul. Release me from the torture of evil thoughts.

    Mata Pita Bhrata Sab Hoi
    Sankat Men Puchhat Nahin Koi
    Svami Ek Hai Asha Tumhari
    Ava Harahu Aba Sankat Bhari

    O Lord, when I am in distress, neither my parents, brothers, sisters nor loved ones can relieve my suffering. I depend only on You. You are my hope. Eliminate the cause of this tremendous torture and bless me with Your compassion.

    Dhan Nirdhan Ko Deta Sadahin
    Jo Koi Janche So Phal Pahin
    Astuti Kehi Vidhi Karai Tumhari
    Kshamahu Nath Aba Chuka Hamari

    O Lord, You bless the down-trodden with prosperity and grant wisdom to the ignorant. Lord, due to my limited knowledge, I omitted to worship Thee. Please forgive me and shower Your grace upon me.

    Shankar Ho Sankat Ke Nishan
    Vighna Vinashan Mangal Karan
    Yogi Yati Muni Dhyan Lagavan
    Sharad Narad Shisha Navavain

    O Lord Sankar, You are the destroyer of all miseries. You remove the cause of all obstacles and grant Your devotees eternal bliss. The saints and sages meditate upon Thy most beautiful form. Even celestial beings like Sharad and Narad bow in reverence to You.

    Namo Namo Jai Namah Shivaya
    Sura Brahmadik Par Na Paya
    Jo Yah Patha Karai Man Lai
    Tapar Hota Hai Shambhu Saha-I

    O Lord, prostrations to You. Even Brahma is unable to describe Thy greatness. Whosoever recites these verses with faith and devotion receives Your infinite blessings.

    Riniyan Jo Koi Ho Adhikari
    Patha Karai So Pavan Hari
    Putra-hin Ichchha Kar Koi
    Nischaya Shiva Prasad Tehin Hoi

    Devotees who chant these verses with intense love become prosperous by the grace of Lord Shiva. Even the childless wishing to have children, have their desires fulfilled after partaking of Shiva-prasad with faith and devotion.

    Pandit Trayodashi Ko Lavai
    Dhyan-Purvak Homa Karavai
    Trayodashi Vrat Kare Hamesha
    Tan Nahin Take Rahe Kalesha

    On Trayodashi (13th day of the dark and bright fortnights) one should invite a pandit and devotedly make offerings to Lord Shiva. Those who fast and pray to Lord Shiva on Trayodashi are always healthy and prosperous.

    Dhupa Dipa Naivedya Charhavai
    Anta Vasa Shivapur Men Pavai
    Kahai Ayodhya Asha Tumhari
    Jani Sakal Dukha Harahu Hamari

    Whosoever offers incense, prasad and performs aarti to Lord Shiva, with love and devotion, enjoys material happiness and spiritual bliss in this world and hereafter ascends to the abode of Lord Shiva. The poet prays that Lord Shiva removed the suffering of all and grants them eternal bliss.

    Nitya Nema kari Pratahi
    Patha karau Chalis
    Tum Meri Man Kamana
    Purna Karahu Jagadish

    O Universal Lord, every morning as a rule I recite this Chalisa with devotion. Please bless me so that I may be able to accomplish my material and spiritual desires


Shiv chalisa - the most powerful lord

Jai Ganesh Girija suvan, mangal mool sujan,<br />
Kahati Ayodhyadas tum, deu abhaya vardan.<br />
<br />
Hail Lord Ganesh, son of Girija, who is supremely wise and the start of all auspicious events. Ayodhyadas asks you, to grant him the boon of safety and security.<br />
<br />
Jai Girijapati deen dayala,<br />
Sada karat santan pratipala.<br />
<br />
Hail Girijapati, the ever kind lord,<br />
Who always looks after and protects his devotees.<br />
<br />
Bhal chandrama sohati neeke,<br />
Kanan kundal nag phani ke.<br />
<br />
He has the moon upon his forehead,<br />
and in his ears, instead of rings, he has the serpents coiling around.<br />
<br />
Ang gaur shiv ganga banai,<br />
Mundamal tan kshar lagai.<br />
<br />
He is fair complexioned with the divine river, Ganga, flowing from his crown,<br />
Around his neck, he has a necklace of severed heads and his body is smeared with ash.<br />
<br />
Vastra khal baghambar sohe,<br />
Chhavi ko dekh nag muni mohe.<br />
<br />
He wears the skin of a panther tied around his waist,<br />
Looking at his charming view, the serpents and high sages get enchanted.<br />
<br />
Maina Matu ki priya dulari,<br />
Bam ang rajat Shiv pyari.<br />
<br />
The beloved daughter (referring to Parvati) of Maina is sitting on his lap at his left side,<br />
She is supremely dear to Lord Shiv.<br />
<br />
Kar men soha trishul ati bhari,<br />
Karahi sada shatrun samhari.<br />
<br />
He carries a heavy trident in his hand,<br />
with which he slays the enemies forever.<br />
<br />
Nandi Ganesh soh tanha kaise,<br />
Manas madhya kamal hon jaise.<br />
<br />
With him are Nandi and Lord Ganesh,<br />
Looking as beautiful as lotus flowers blooming in Mansarovar lake.<br />
<br />
Kartik shyam aur gana rauo,<br />
Ya chhavi barnat bane na kauo.<br />
<br />
He has with him dark complexioned Kartikeya and Ganesh,<br />
No one is capable to describe the full spectacle.<br />
<br />
Devan jab hee aai pukara,<br />
Tabahin dukh prabhu ap nivara.<br />
<br />
Whenever the celestials faced problems and came to you,<br />
You always solved the problems and provided succour to them.<br />
<br />
Keen upadrava tarak bhari,<br />
devan sab mili tumhari pukari.<br />
<br />
When the demon Tarak wrought havoc,<br />
The celestials all called to you help.<br />
<br />
Turat shadanan ap pathayo,<br />
Luv nimesh mahi mar girayo.<br />
<br />
Then you immediately sent Sadanand,<br />
Who, within no time at all, destroyed the demon.<br />
<br />
Ap Jallandhar asur sanhara,<br />
Suyash tumhar vidit sansara.<br />
<br />
You also slayed the demon, Jallandhar,<br />
Your glory is well known to the world.<br />
<br />
Tripurasur sang yuddha machayi,<br />
sabahin kripa kari leen bachayi.<br />
<br />
By fighting and killing the Demon Tripurasur,<br />
You forgave everybody and saved the Gods.<br />
<br />
Keenha tap Bhagirath bhari,<br />
Purahi pratigya tasu purari.<br />
<br />
King Bhagirath 1 had performed a rigorous penance,<br />
And by you grace, you fulfilled his wishes.<br />
<br />
Darpa chhod Ganga tab ayee,<br />
Sewak astuti karat sadaee.<br />
<br />
Because of this, Ganga, left her abode and came to earth,<br />
That is why your devotees always sing your praise.<br />
<br />
Ved naam mahima tav gayaee,<br />
akath anadi bhed nahin payee.<br />
<br />
The Vedas had tried to describe your glory but the same is beyond explanation,<br />
It is impossible to fathom your full glory.<br />
<br />
Pragati udadhi manthan te jwala,<br />
Jare surasur bhaye bihala.<br />
<br />
The sea churning 2 had produced such a dreadful poisonous flame,<br />
Which scared both the Gods and demons.<br />
<br />
Mahadeva tab kari sahayee,<br />
Neelkantha tuv nam dharayee.<br />
<br />
The, Great God, you came to their rescue and drank the poison,<br />
Which stayed in your throat, making it blue, hence you are called Neelkanth<br />
<br />
Poojan Ramchandra jab keenha,<br />
Lanka jeet Vibhishan deenha.<br />
<br />
When Lord Ram III worshipped you,<br />
You gave him victory over Lanka and made Vibhishan it's king.<br />
<br />
Sahas kamal arpanahi vichari,<br />
Keenha pareeksha tabahi purari.<br />
<br />
During this worship, Lord Ram decided to offer you a thousand lotus flowers,<br />
Then to assess his firmness of faith, you decided to test him.<br />
<br />
Ek kamal Prabhu rakheu goyee,<br />
Kamal nayan poojan chahin soyee.<br />
<br />
Lord, you decided to hide one of the flowers,<br />
Not finding it, Lord Ram substituted his lotus like eye for it.<br />
<br />
Kathin bhakti dekhi Prabhu Shankar,<br />
Bhaye prasanna deya icchhit var.<br />
<br />
Lord Shanker was pleased with his steadfast devotion,<br />
You granted him the desired boon.<br />
<br />
Jai Jai Jai, Ananta Avinasi,<br />
Karat kripa sab ke ghatvasi.<br />
<br />
Hail to thee, O Infinite and Indestructible Lord,<br />
Shower your grace on everybody, O Omniscient one.<br />
<br />
Dushta sakal mohi nitya satavan,<br />
Bharmita rahe man chain na aven.<br />
<br />
I am always troubled by wicked people,<br />
This makes me distressed with no peace of mind.<br />
<br />
Trahi trahi main nath pukaro,<br />
Yeh avasar mohi, ani ubaro.<br />
<br />
Getting distressed, I pray to you, Lord Shanker,<br />
O Lord, help me in these troubled times.<br />
<br />
Lai trishool shatrun ko marau,<br />
Sankat se mohi ani unarau.<br />
<br />
Come with your trident and slay my enemies,<br />
And free me from my problems.<br />
<br />
Mata pita bhrat sab hoi,<br />
Sankat mein poonchat nahi koi.<br />
<br />
Although I have my mother, father, brothers and family,<br />
Yet in times of trouble, nobody offers me help.<br />
<br />
Swami ekahi aas tumhari,<br />
Ai harahu sab sankat bhari.<br />
<br />
O Lord, you are my only hope,<br />
O Master, please come and take away this heavy burden (problems).<br />
<br />
Dhan nirdhan kon det sadaee,<br />
Arat jan ki peer mitaee.<br />
<br />
You give wealth to the poor,<br />
And you wipe away their difficulties.<br />
<br />
Astuti kehi vidhi karahu tumhari,<br />
Shambunath ab tek hamari.<br />
<br />
I do not know of any other way to seek your help from my problems,<br />
Hey, Shambunath, listen to my prayer now.<br />
<br />
Shanker ho sankat ke nashan,<br />
Vighna vinasan mangal karan.<br />
<br />
Shankar, you are the destroyer of problems,<br />
Please be the root of my happiness and welfare<br />
<br />
Yogi yathi muni dhyan lagaye,<br />
Sharad Narad Sheesh navavahin.<br />
<br />
All the sages and yogis meditate on you,<br />
Saraswati, Narad and the seers bow in reverence to you.<br />
<br />
Namo namo jab namah Shivaye,<br />
Sur brahmadik par na paye.<br />
<br />
I now chant your name, "Om Namah Shivaye",<br />
Neither Brahma not the Gods could fathom your entire glory.<br />
<br />
Jo yeh path kare man layee,<br />
To kon hot hain shamboo sahayee.<br />
<br />
Whoever reads this prayer with utmost devotion,<br />
Shall definitely be helped by Lord Shamboo, without any doubt.<br />
<br />
Putra na ho, ichha kare koi,<br />
Nishchaya Shiv prasad se hoi.<br />
<br />
Anybody without a son who prays to you,<br />
Will definitely be blessed with one by Lord Shiv.<br />
<br />
Pandit triyodashi ko lave,<br />
Dhyan poorvak hom karave.<br />
<br />
The devotees should get a priest to perform a yagna on the 13th lunar day of the fortnight,<br />
And with full attention and devotion, one must pray to Lord Shiv to get their wishes fulfilled.<br />
<br />
Triyodashi vrita kare hamesha,<br />
Tan nahi take rahe kalesha.<br />
<br />
Whoever fasts on the thirteenth day of the lunar fortnight,<br />
Gets peace of mind and a healthy body.<br />
<br />
Dhoop deep naivedya chadhavahi,<br />
Shanker sanmukha path karavahi.<br />
<br />
With a lighted lamp, incense and other payer material,<br />
One should worship before an idol of Lord Shiva with full devotion.<br />
<br />
Janam Janam ki pap nasavahin,<br />
Antawas shivpur men pavahin.<br />
<br />
A devotee of Shiv will have all the sins of all his births wiped away,<br />
And in the end, he will live happily in the kingdom of Lord Shiva.<br />
<br />
Hey Shankar hai aas tumhari,<br />
Dukh peera ab harahu hamari.<br />
<br />
O Lord Shanker, you are my only hope,<br />
Now please end all my pains and worries.<br />

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Shirdi Sai baba Chalisa - for overall benefits in life

Pehle Sai ke charan main, apna sheesh namaaun main,
    Kaise Shirdi Sai aaye, saara haal sunaun main.

    Kaun hai mata, pita kaun hai, yeh na kisi ne bhi jaana,
    Kaha janam Sai ne dhara, prashan paheli raha bana.

    Koyee kahe Ayodhya ke, yeh Ramchandra bhagvan hain,
    Koyee kehta SaiBaba, pavan putra Hanuman hain.

    Koyee kehta mangal murti, Shri Gajanan hain Sai,
    Koyee kehta Gokul-Mohan Devki Nandan hain Sai.

    Shanker samaj bhakta kayee to, Baba ko bhajhte rahte,
    Koyee kahe avatar datta ka, pooja Sai ki karte.

    Kuchha bhi maano unko tum, pur Sai hain sachche bhagvan,
    Bade dayalu deen-bandhu, kitno ko diya jivan-daan.

    Kayee baras pehle ki ghatna, tumhe sunaunga main baat,
    Kisee bhagyashaali ki , Shirdi main aayee thi baraat.

    Aaya saath usi ke tha, baalak aik bahut sunder,
    Aaya aaker vahin bus gaya, paavan Shirdi kiya nagar.

    Kayee dino tak raha bhatakta, bhiksha maangi usne dar dar,
    Aur dikhaee aisee leela, jag main jo ho gayee amar.

    Jaise-jaise umar badi, badti hee vaisy, gaee shaan,
    Ghar ghar hone laga nagar main, Sai Baba kaa gungaan.

    Dig digant main laga goonjane, phir to Saiji ka naam,
    Deen-dhukhi ki raksha karna, yahi raha Baba ka kaam.

    Baba ke charno main ja kar, jo kehta main hoo nirdhan,
    Daya usee par hoti unkee, khul jaate dhukh ke bandhan.

    Kabhi kisee ne maangi bhiksha, do Baba mujhko suntaan,
    Avum astoo tava kaihkar Sai dete the usko vardaan.

    Swayam dhukhi Baba ho jaate, deen-dukhijan ka lakh haal,
    Anteh: karan shree Sai ka, sagar jaisa raha vishal.

    Bhakta ek madrasi aaya, ghar ka bahut bada dhanvaan,
    Maal khajana behadh uskaa, keval nahi rahi suntaan.

    Laga manane Sainath ko, Baba mujh per daya karo,
    Junjha se junkrit naiya ko, tum hee mairee par karo.

    Kuldeepak ke bina andhera, chchaya hua ghar mein mere,
    Isee liye aaya hoon Baba, hokar sharnagat tere.

    Kuldeepak ke re abhav main, vyartha hai daulat ki maya,
    Aaj bhikhari ban kar Baba, sharan tumhari main aaya,

    De do mujhko putra-daan, main runi rahoonga jivan bhar,
    Aur kisi ki aas na mujko, siraf bharosa hai tum par.

    Anunaye-vinaye bahut ki usne, charano main dhar ke sheesh,
    Tub prasana hokar Baba ne, diya bhakta ko yeh aashish.

    'Allah bhala karega tera,' putra janam ho tere ghar,
    Kripa rahegi tum per uski, aur tere uss balak per.

    Ab tak nahi kisi ne payaa, Sai ki kripa ka paar,
    Putra ratna de madrasi ko, dhanya kiya uska sansaar.

    Tan-man se jo bhaje usi ka jug main hota hai uddhar,
    Sanch ko aanch nahi haiy Koyee, sada jooth ki hoti haar.

    Main hoon sada sahare uske, sada rahoonga uska daas,
    Sai jaisa prabhu mila hai, itni ki kum haiy kya aash.

    Mera bhi din tha ek aisa, miltee nahi mujhe thi roti,
    Tan par kapda duur raha tha, sheish rahi nanhi si langoti,

    Sarita sammukh hone par bhi main pyasa ka pyasa tha,
    Durdin mera mere ooper, davagani barsata tha.

    Dharti ke atirikt jagat main, mera kuch avalumbh na tha,
    Bana bhikhari main duniya main, dar dar thokar khata tha.

    Aise main ik mitra mila jo, param bhakt Sai ka tha,
    Janjalon se mukta, magar iss, jagti main veh bhi mujh sa tha.

    Baba ke darshan ke khatir, mil dono ne kiya vichaar,
    Sai jaise daya murti ke darshan ko ho gaiye taiyar.

    Paavan Shirdi nagari main ja kar, dhekhi matvaali murti,
    Dhanya janam ho gaya ki humne jab dhekhi Sai ki surti.

    Jabse kiye hai darshan humne, dukh sara kaphur ho gaya,
    Sankat saare mite aur vipdaon ka ant ho gaya.

    Maan aur sammaan mila, bhiksha main humko Baba se,
    Prati bambit ho uthe jagat main, hum Sai ki abha se.

    Baba ne sammaan diya haiy, maan diya is jivan main,
    Iska hee sambal le main, hasta jaunga jivan main.

    Sai ki leela ka mere, man par aisa assar huaa,
    Lagta, jagti ke kan-kan main, jaise ho veh bhara huaa.

    'Kashiram' Baba ka bhakt, iss Shirdi main rehta tha,
    Maiy Sai ka Sai mera, veh duniya se kehta tha.

    Seekar svayam vastra bechta, gram nagar bazaro main,
    Jhankrit uski hridh-tantri thi, Sai ki jhankaron se.

    Stabdh nisha thi, thay soye, rajni aanchal me chand sitare,
    Nahi soojhta raha hath ka, hath timiri ke maare.

    Vastra bech kar lote raha tha, hai! Haath se 'kaashi',
    Vichitra bada sanyoga ki uss din aata tha veh akaki.

    Gher raah main khade ho gaye, usse kutil, anyaayi,
    Maaro kaato looto iski, hee dhvani pari sunayee.

    Loot peet kar usse vahan se, kutil gaye champat ho,
    Aaghaton se marmahat ho, usne di thi sangya kho.

    Bahut der tak pada raha vaha, vahin usi halat main,
    Jaane kab kuch hosh ho utha, usko kisi palak main.

    Anjane hee uske muh se, nikal para tha Sai,
    Jiski prati dhvani Shirdi main, Baba ko padi sunai.

    Shubdh utha ho manas unka, Baba gaye vikal ho,
    Lagta jaise ghatna sari, ghati unhi ke sanmukh ho.

    Unmadi se idhar udhar tab, Baba lage bhatakne,
    Sanmukh chizein jo bhi aiee, unkoo lage patkne.

    Aur dhadhakte angaro main, Baba ne kar dala,
    Huye sashankit sabhi vahan, lakh tandav nritya nirala.

    Samajh gaye sab log ki koi, bhakt para sankat ain,
    Shubit khade thai sabhi vahan par, pade huae vismaiye main.

    Usse bachane ke hi khatir, Baba aaj vikal hai,
    Uski hi piraa se pirit, unka ant sthal hai.

    Itne me hi vidhi ne apni, vichitrata dhikhlayi,
    Lakh kar jisko janta ki, shradha sarita lehrayee.

    Lekar sanghya heen bhakt ko, gaadi ek vahan aayee,
    Sanmukh apne dekh bhakt ko, Sai ki aankhe bhar aayee.

    Shant, dheer, gambhir sindhu sa, Baba ka anthsthal,
    Aaj na jane kyon reh-rehkar, ho jaata tha chanchal.

    Aaj daya ki murti svayum tha bana hua upchaari,
    Aur bhakt ke liye aaj tha, dev bana prati haari.

    Aaj bhakti ki visham pariksha main, safal hua tha Kaashi,
    Uske hee darshan ki khatir, thai umre nagar-nivasi.

    Jab bhi aur jahan bhi koyee, bhakta pade sankat main,
    Uski raksha karne Baba jate hai palbhar main.

    Yuga yuga ka hai satya yeh, nahi koi nayee kahani,
    Aapat grasta bhakt jab hota, jate khudh antar yami.

    Bhedh bhaav se pare pujari manavta ke the Sai,
    Jitne pyare Hindu-Muslim uutne hi Sikh isai.

    Bhed bhaav mandir masjid ka tod phod Baba ne dala,
    Ram rahim sabhi unke the, Krishan Karim Allah Tala.

    Ghante ki pratidhvani se gunja, masjid ka kona kona,
    Mile paraspar Hindu Muslim, pyar bada din din doona.

    Chamatkar tha kitna sundar, parichaye iss kaya ne dee,
    Aur neem karvahat main bhi mithaas Baba ne bhar dee.

    Sabko sneha diya Sai ne, sabko suntul pyar kiya,
    Jo kuch jisne bhi chaha, Baba ne usko vahi diya.

    Aise sneha sheel bhajan ka, naam sada jo japa kare,
    Parvat jaisa dhukh na kyoon ho, palbhar main veh door tare.

    Sai jaisa daata humne, aare nahi dekha koi,
    Jiske keval darshan se hee, saari vipda door gayee.

    Tan main Sai, man main Sai, Sai Sai bhajha karo,
    Apne tan ki sudh budh khokur, sudh uski tum kiya karo.

    Jab tu apni sudh tajkur, Baba ki sudh kiya karega,
    Aur raat din Baba, Baba, hi tu rata karega.

    To Baba ko aare! vivash ho, sudhi teri leni hee hogi,
    Teri har icha Baba ko, puree hee karni hogi.

    Jungal jungal bhatak na pagal, aur dhundne Baba ko,
    Ek jagah keval Shirdi main, tu paiga Baba ko.

    Dhanya jagat main prani hai veh, jisne Baba ko paya,
    Dukh main sukh main prahar aath ho, Sai ka hee gune gaya.

    Giren sankat ke parvat, chahe bijli hi toot pare,
    Sai ka le naam sada tum, sanmukh sub ke raho ade.

    Iss budhe ki sunn karamat, tum ho javo ge hairaan,
    Dung raha sunkar jisko, jane kitne chatur sujaan.

    Ek baar Shirdi main sadhu dhongi tha koi aaya,
    Bholi bhali nagar nivasi janta ko tha bharmaya.

    Jari, butiyan unhe dhikha kar, karne laga vaha bhashan,
    Kehne laga sunno shrotagan, ghar mera hai vrindavan.

    Aushadhi mere paas ek hai, aur ajab iss main shakti,
    Iske sevan karne se hi, ho jaati dukh se mukti.

    Aggar mukta hona chaho tum, sankat se bimari se,
    To hai mera numra nivedan, har nar se har nari se.

    Lo kharid tum isko, sevan vidhiyan hai nyari,
    Yadyapi tuch vastu hai yeh, gun uske hai atisheh bhari.

    Jo hai suntaan heen yahen yadi, meri aushdhi ko khayen,
    Putra ratan ho parapat, aare aur veh mooh manga phal paye.

    Aushadh meri jo na kharide, jeevan bhar pachtayega,
    Mujh jaisa prani shayad hi, aare yaha aa payega.

    Duniya do din ka mela hai, mauj shaunk tum bhi kar lo,
    Gar is se milta hai, sub kuch, tum bhi isko le lo.

    Hairani badti janta ki, lakh iski kaarastaani,
    Pramudit veh bhi man hi man tha, lakh logo ki nadani.

    Khabar suna ne Baba ko yeh, gaya daud kar sevak ek,
    Sun kar bhukuti tani aur, vismaran ho gaya sabhi vivek.

    Hukum diya sevak ko, satvar pakad dusht ko lavo,
    Ya Shirdi ki seema se, kapti ko duur bhagavo.

    Mere rehte bholi bhali, Shirdi ki janta ko,
    Kaun neech aisa jo, sahas karta hai chalne ko.

    Palbhar mai hi aise dhongi, kapti neech lootere ko,
    Maha naash ke maha gart main, phahuncha doon jivan bhar ko.

    Tanik mila aabhaas madari, krur kutil anyayi ko,
    Kaal nachta hai ab sir par, gussa aaya Sai ko.

    Pal bhar main sab khel bandh kar, bhaga sir par rakh kar pairr,
    Socha tha man hi man, bhagvan nahi hai ab khair.

    Such hai Sai jaisa daani, mil na sakega jag main,
    Ansh iish ka Sai Baba, unhe na kuch bhi mushkil jag main.

    Sneh, sheel, sojanya, aadi ka abhushan dharan kar,
    Badta iss duniya main jo bhi, manav sevaye path par.

    Vahi jeet leta hai jagti, ke jan jan ka anthsthal,
    Uski ek udasi hi jag, jana ko kar deti hai vivhal.

    Jab jab jag main bhar paap ka bar bar ho jaata hai,
    Usse mita ne ke hi khatir, avtari ho aata hai.

    Paap aur anyaya sabhi kuch, iss jagti ka har ke,
    Duur bhaga deta duniya ke danav ko shan bhar main.

    Sneh sudha ki dhar barasne, lagti hai duniya main,
    Gale paraspar milne lagte, jan jan hai aapas main.

    Aisse hee avtari Sai, mrityulok main aakar,
    Samta ka yeh paath padhaya, sabko apna aap mitakar.

    Naam dwarka masjid ka , rakha Shirdi main Sai ne,
    Daap taap, suntaap mitaya, jo kuch aaya Sai ne.

    Sada yaad main mast ram ki, baithe rehte the Sai,
    Peher aath hee raam naam ka, bhaite rehte the Sai.

    Sookhee rookhee tazi baasi, chahe ya hovai pakvaan,
    Sada pyar ke bhooke Sai ke, khatir the sabhi samaan.

    Sneh aur shradha se apni, jan jo kuch de jaate the,
    Bade chaav se uss bhojan ko, Baba paavan karte the.

    Kabhi kabhi man behlane ko, Baba baag main jate the,
    Pramudit man main nirukh prakrati, chatta ko veh hote the.

    Rang-birange pushpa baag ke mand mand hil dul karke,
    Bihau birane mana main bhi sneh salil bhar jate the.

    Aise su-madhur bela main bhi, dukh aafat vipada kai maare,
    Apne man ki vyatha sunane, jan rehte Baba ko ghere.

    Sunkar jinki karun katha ko, nayan kamal bhar aate the,
    De vibhuti har vyatha, shanti, unke uur main bhar dete the.

    Jaane kya adhbut, shakti, uss vibhuti main hoti thi,
    Jo dharan karke mastak par, dukh saara har leti thi.

    Dhanya manuja veh sakshaat darshan, jo Baba Sai ke paye,
    Dhanya kamal kar unke jinse, charan kamal veh parSai.

    Kaash nirbhaiy tumko bhi, saakshat Sai mil jaata,
    Barshon se ujra chaman apna, phir se aaj khil-jata.

    Gar pakar main charan shri ke, nahi chorta umar bhar,
    Mana leta main jaroor unko gar rooth te Sai mujh par.

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